Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Pond for Emys Part 3

Before planting up the pond a couple of rubber mats are placed on the slope between deep and shallow water. This is again to aid the turtles during cold water conditions, these will provide necessary grip on what is a smooth surface.

Baskets of various plants are then added which will help to use up nutriments, so keep the water clear and also attract insect life.
Masses of oxygenating pondweed are placed all over the pond floor, this i feel is key to a balanced healthy pond. It also creates good cover for the turtles and literally fizzes when the sun is out.

Lengths of decking panels are screwed around the edge to trap the liner and underlay, making a neat finish.

Floating plants, dwarf lillies and duckweed are put in to provide some surface cover/shade.

So, nearly finished, should be an ideal habitat to these intelligent turtles and nowhere for them to get stuck and drown.
Just a basking area to be made now and next year an adjacent land zone.
Water quality will be carefully monitored, to see if a pump and filter are needed, hope the Emys like it, they could go in the weekend.

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