Sunday, 1 August 2010

Pond For Emys Part 1

Having recently obtained a group of Emys orbicularis, i needed to build a pond to keep them in.
Unfortunately where i live the ground is full of stones and boulders, so a raised pond was the only/easy option.
To save building walls etc, some concrete fencing posts were cut down to 18" long. They were then concreted into the ground and gravel boards dropped in, making sure all the top sides were as level as possible.

The dimensions are 9 ft long x 8ft wide, just big enough to enable various depths and a basking area to be created.


4" x 1" pressure treated wood was then screwed on to the gravel boards to give a good surface to attach the underlay and liner.
Some soil was then dug out to create a deeper area of 20" with a very gentle gradient up to the shallower area. This will help the turtles easily reach the surface when the water temperature is cold and especially after hibernation!

Damp building sand was added to help protect the liner, but also to profile and level the bottom of the pool .
Depths of 7" - 12" were made so, other than the deeper zone of 20", the rest of the pool is relatively shallow. This will help the water to warm up quickly, again a must in spring when turtles are at their most vunerable. It is at this time drowning can occur when cold lethargic animals struggle to reach the basking areas.

Loft insulation was then stuffed along the inside walls of the gravel boards to further help protect the liner.

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