Monday, 12 April 2010

'' There's A Lizard On The Garage Wall ''

So there i was sitting on the patio chatting to the other half, when she looks over my shoulder and says '' theres a lizard on the garage wall! '' I knew April Fools Day was long gone so on looking around there was indeed a Podarcis muralis giving me the stare. We caught her using nets, she showed no fear and am sure ....... recognised me.
On checking the viv i found a corner where the original sealing had broken down or possibly been chewed through by a mouse. Luckily only one lizard had worked its way down through all the logs and dried leaves to find an the way out. This was a wake up call to keep checking vivs for repair and to look for possible escape routes. It was in some sense a lucky break, as two Darevskia unisexularis were due to go in shortly. Had i not found the hole they surely would have been lost.

Below the recaptured Podarcis

Parthenogenetic Rock Lizard Darevskia unisexularis

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